Handbook on Plumbing Installation for Buildings

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4 Flushing Devices Flushing devices can be classified broadly into 2 main types viz. the valveless syphonic type and the valve type. 5 and 15 litres. The practice of accepting only valveless syphonic type cisterns is mainly to prevent leakage of water into the toilet bowl, as in the past, the water-tightness of most valve type flushing devices was often a problem. 5 litres is seen as the practically minimum requirement. With the improvement in design and material, valve type flushing devices have become more reliable in their performance.

15) capacity of supply system size Criteria (iii) alignment A3 - Water Meter/Check Meter Position : (i) location - - - - 41 supply main All pipework before meter positions shall be exposed or laid in a proper service duct. 8) The siting of a meter shall be determined by the Water Authority. Meters shall be arranged in groups and sited at convenient locations in communal area and housed in meter rooms/boxes. Meters on indirect supply systems shall be sited at roof level or at other convenient locations and housed in meter rooms/boxes.

G. hose reels, except that a common suction tank can be used for both sprinkler and hose reel systems. Any exemption from this requirement should have the endorsement of the Director of Fire Services. Where direct connections to a sprinkler / drencher system are to be from the government mains, an additional butterfly valve, without stop screw and lock nut on handle and strapped in open position, shall be installed at a point on the supply pipe before the fire service inlet and as close as possible to the control valves of the connections.

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