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By the point eu conquistadores and colonizers arrived within the Americas, beginning in 1492, American Indians had already invented subtle searching and fishing expertise. They accumulated hundreds and hundreds of crops for nutrients, fiber, and medication, and primary domesticated three-quarters of the meals plants raised on this planet at the present time.

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This ebook introduces readers to chinese language mythology, provides mythical characters and tales, and exhibits how chinese language myths have encouraged our tradition. Readers are engaged with ancient content material whereas polishing their abilities at studying photos and making a choice on facts.

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Natural resources can affect the kinds of jobs people have in certain areas. Many people along the coasts of North America earn a living by fishing. They sell fish and other seafood at markets. Some natural resources lie under the seafloor. Off the coast of eastern Mexico and the southern United States, workers drill for oil beneath the Gulf of Mexico. The oil industry provides jobs for many people in Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana. Soil is another important resource in North America. Many people in the Interior Plains work on farms.

C. D. On the time line below, mark the time period of the Olmec civilization. Mark the beginning date with an X and the end date with a dot. C. D. C. C. C. D. HUNTERS AND GATHERERS crossed the land bridge to get to North America. D. D. 2001 Scan the text on this page. Circle the sentence that describes the location of the Ancient Puebloans. Unit 2 ■ 49 Lesson Review 1. SUMMARIZE Why is studying history important? Circle the letter of the correct answer. 2. Use the word historian in a sentence about early people in North America.

No one place has everything people want or need. People often must travel to get the goods they need. Many American Indian groups created trade networks. They traded with people in nearby villages. In turn, the people of those villages traded with villages farther away. In this way, goods moved long distances. New inventions allowed people to carry goods more easily and to places farther away. In the 1700s, sailing ships carried goods from North America to other places all around the world. Robert Fulton Robert Fulton grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania.

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