Hegel's Dialectic by Andries Sarlemijn

By Andries Sarlemijn

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BENJAMIN AND R. l. CAIRNS 55 y ' PARTICLES / DISPERSOID PARTICLES FIGURE 3a. Transmission Electron Micrograph of Dispersion Strengthened Superalloy 56 NEW P/M MATERIALS PINNED DISLOCATIONS FIGURE 3b. PARTICLES Transmission Electron Micrograph of Dispersion Strengthened Superalloy J. S. BENJAMIN AND R. l. CAIRNS 57 PINNED DISLOCATIONS THORIA PARTICLES FIGURE 3c. Transmission Electron Micrograph of Stress Relief Annealed TD Nickel 58 NEW P/M MATERIALS Tensile Properties The elevated temperature tensile strength of the dispersion strengthened superalloy clearly shows two strengthening regimes.

281" Min. I. 255" Max . Frequency. CPS 240 237 Min. Frequency, CPS 230 230 TABLE 7 FATIGUE DATA ON FORGED POWDER AND WROUGHT BLADES Characteristic FIGURE 11 COMPRESSOR ROTOR BLADES MADE FROM METAL POWDER PREFORMS Photo No. 9270 Part No. 231817 Part No. 231818 Lot A Forged Powder Blades :'~r~I~~S Max. 6 Min. 4 Ave. S. 7 NEW P/M MATERIALS 46 as compared with conventional wrought blades~ REFERENCES 1. Kortovich, C. S. - "Close Tolerance Forgings From Powder Metallurgy Prefonns"; Air Force Materials Laboratory Technical Report TR-69-1Bl June, 1969.

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