Homeric Receptions Across Generic and Cultural Contexts by Athanasios Efstathiou, Ioanna Karamanou

By Athanasios Efstathiou, Ioanna Karamanou

This quantity presents a clean standpoint on Homeric reception via a methodologically targeted, interdisciplinary research of the adjustments of Homeric epic inside of various popular and cultural contexts. It brings jointly prime foreign students and acute younger researchers, exploring how numerous elements of Homeric poetics should be mapped directly to a variety of contexts lower than assorted ancient, literary and creative stipulations.

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The triangularity model involved in reading comparative relationships allows close reading and formal analysis to operate without constraining the range of meanings or positioning the ancient text as a closed arbiter of meaning and cultural value. b. Iconic episodes These are episodes that ‘recur’ (sc. are repeated) in many receptions of Homer.  – .  Hardwick .  Discussed in Taplin , .  Perris . Homer, Repetition and Reception 21 to a wider audience that may have more generalised perceptions about what sort of poet Homer is.

16 W. Hipponax draws on the portent and prodigies of Homeric narrative (Il. ) and the military language more generally, in a predictably erotic content. ²⁷ Lastly, Homeric echoes are also present in the more serious strand of Hipponax’s corpus. ²⁸ More specifically, in fr. 115 W. the figure of Odysseus seems once again to be the main intertext: the poem anticipates a fateful castaway end for an enemy drawing on the archetypal castaway and recalling also Homeric linguistic, syntactical and stylistic elements.

Hipponax uses the Odyssey primarily to outline the profile of the iambist/ narrator himself, as it is evident in the following hymnic style poems: Ἑρμῆ, φίλ’ Ἑρμῆ, Μαιαδεῦ, Κυλλήνιε, ἐπεύχομαί τοι, κάρτα γὰρ κακῶς ῥιγῶ καὶ βαμβαλύζω … δὸς χλαῖναν Ἱππώνακτι καὶ κυπασσίσκον καὶ σαμβαλίσκα κἀσκερίσκα καὶ χρυσοῦ στατῆρας ἑξήκοντα τοὐτέρου τοίχου. (fr. )¹⁰ Hermes, dear Hermes, son of Maia, Cyllenian, I pray to you, for I am shivering violently and terribly and my teeth are chattering… Give Hipponax a cloak, tunic, sandals, felt shoes and sixty gold staters on the other side.

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