House architecture by John James Stevenson

By John James Stevenson

Condominium structure (1880) ДОМ и СЕМЬЯ,НАУКА и УЧЕБА, ПРОФЕССИИ И РЕМЕСЛА Название: condominium structure (1880)Автор: John James Stevenson Издательство: Kessinger Publishing, LLC Год: 1880 Страниц:400ISBN: 1436992524 Формат: pdf Размер: 80,5 MB .comuploadbox.com0

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One was to bring down the strong line of the cornice, as in fig. 7, to the top of the main floor of marking its importance and giving it and treating the rooms above as if they were only the building, as if dignity, In the old Italian bedrooms, as 'an attic,' as it is called. were at the top rooms the where palaces, great entertaining of the house, it was fitting that the great cornice should be immediately over them. HOUSE ARCHITECTURE. 40 Fig. 8 shows the common tectural effect. The only The ground floor is Classic mode of producing archi- architecture being in the orders derived from temples, the house is treated as a temple.

Some call themselves plumbers and decorators, and one large London upholstering firm advertises that it includes decoration in its house agency department. Cheesemonger and decorator would be about " as We to artistic work to congruous. prefer give men," as they are called, that nothing about the subject. tical prac- is, to those who know In old time people thought great artists were the proper to do the work Michael Angelo and Raphael were men proud to be wall-decorators. of art, they VOL. I. must If our houses are to be works possess not only outside beauty, architec- C HOUSE ARCHITECTURE 18 .

Timbers which overturn them 15 them together, a gust of wind would the floors shake with the slightest move- tie ; ment; the plaster is half sand, and is kept on the walls mainly by the paper pasted on it doors and windows do the smell and poison the plumber work is bad not fit the and the of the drains come in, water-pipes freeze ; ; ; ; "compo" outside, imitating massive stonework, requires constant painting, and occasionally scales off in masses. Its existence is a constant process of going to pieces ; work- men it are never out of habitable it, and the tenant adds a third to his rent.

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