How Did That Get to My Table? Orange Juice by Pam Rosenberg

By Pam Rosenberg

With this name, younger readers will achieve an realizing on how the orange juice they love, is made and the way it finally ends up on their desk.

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Several families the north. The Osage were known occupied large for their height. 8 meters) tall, and some of mats and buffalo the men were more than 7 feet hides. 1 meters) tall. Indian Tribes 53 Explorers Here, There, Everywhere! In the 1500s, HERNANDO DE SOTO explored Missouri while searching for gold. He was probably the first European to see the Mississippi River. FRANCISCO VÁSQUEZ DE CORONADO explored the Mississippi River Valley. He was also looking for gold. In the 1600s, French explorers LOUIS JOLLIET and FATHER JACQUES MARQUETTE sailed down the Mississippi River.

Francis • Current • Black • Platte • Chariton • Grand 31 Major Lakes & Reservoirs Gone Fishin’ Missouri doesn’t have many large natural lakes. Most of them were man-made for the purpose of controlling flooding from the many rivers and streams, and to provide the power for electric plants. Major Lakes & Reservoirs Here are some of Missouri’s largest lakes and reservoirs: ● Bull Shoals Lake ● Pomme de Terre Lake ● Clearwater Lake ● Table Rock Lake ● Harry S. Truman Reservoir ● Wappapello Lake ● Lake of the Ozarks The Lake of the Ozarks attracts many visitors because it is one of the largest man-made lakes in the world.

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