Human and Mammalian Cytogenetics: An Historical Perspective by T. C. Hsu

By T. C. Hsu

The background of technological know-how is usually written retrospec­ tively, a iteration or after the particular occasions being mentioned. technology historians are actually reading and comparing the origins of evolutionary and genetical idea within the 19th century and a kind of "Darwin undefined" turns out to have grown up. A background of mammalian cytogenetics through one of many major members is, for this reason, a truly welcome swap, because it has a vividness, an immediacy and a private taste which those scholarly tomes and the professional biog­ raphies of scientists generally lack. The lifetime of the writer, Chinese-born, T. C. Hsu, has been a romantic and colour­ ful one, and he's himself a distinct character, in order that his ebook is a truly strange mixture of memories, historical past of his specified box (which has remodeled human genetics) and clever reviews at the errors made alongside the way in which. the easiest features of a really tremendous chinese language brain have contributed to Dr. Hsu's profession, together with this publication. these features (which appear to me specifically chinese language) comprise a type of obvious honesty, a truly direct em­ pirical method of difficulties and exceptional technical ability.

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Second, he believed it was necessary to begin by examining the genetic material of the cell in order to understand the fundamental mechanisms underlying the induction of tumors. I was told by David Harnden that Michael Court Brown was a complicated person. He would not have wished for any posthumous platitudes, and it would be senseless to pretend that he was a nice, friendly guy. He was, however, one of the most interesting, unusual, and stimulating individuals. His forthright honesty often led to troubled personal relationships, but it also earned for him a reputation for outstanding scientific integrity.

21. Lejeune had expected to see a deletion or a monosomy. Thus, because preconception did not enter the picture, the observation must have been correct. A greater surprise came when an identical chromosome picture was obtained from the second and the third patients. In September of 1958, Lejeune left Paris for Montreal to participate in the International Genetics Congress. He had all the slides and pictures with him but said nothing at the Congress. After the meeting, Clark Frazer invited Lejeune to give a seminar at McGill University, where he presented his data.

Attempts to make chromosome preparations without any pretreatment resulted in poor preparations because all chromosomes clumped together. M. 04 fLg/ml) . More experiments proved that the combination of colchicine and hypotonic solution pretreatments was also favorable in other human materials, such as the Chang Conjunctiva and Liver cell lines, as well as rat cell culture s. 2. Jo Hin Tjio . 2) also went there to do some research work. Like Levan, Tjio was an accomplished plant cytologist, then working in Zaragoza, Spain.

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