Hunting Modern South Africa with Powder and Ball by Randy D. Smith

By Randy D. Smith

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I was certain that in spite of my familiarity with muzzleloaders, my opinions would be greatly affected by my African experience. To prepare for the hunt all I had to go on were the experiences of those modern day and nineteenth century hunters who had gone before me. Other than an occasional magazine article very few modern resources are available regarding the success or failure of muzzleloaders against African game. And that material is often colored to a large degree by industry influences.

I can use that load in that gun with complete confidence of making one-shot kills at that range. Therefore, I have no problem considering taking a seventy- or even a hundredyard shot with that combination of gun, sights, and load at most African plains game up to 1000 pounds. There is also some merit in mentioning another of my muzzleloaders that has consistently surprised me with its field performance. 451 caliber White Thunder Bolt, a later model in-line with 209 primer ignition. This unit weighed just less than eight BOSON BOOKS 47 Randy D.

Fiber optic sights offer some improvement over black iron sights in low light situations. In spite of the increased brightness of the sight dots, I find the dots fuzzy and the green dots of the back sights tend to blend into the red dot in the center. These sights tend to shimmer in snowy conditions. This characteristic slows the aiming process. For still hunting whitetails in heavy brush and timber the extra time it takes to find the target and align the sights can be the difference in having a shot or not.

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