Images and Power: Rock Art and Ethics by Polly Schaafsma

By Polly Schaafsma

​Ethics and Rock paintings: photographs and gear addresses the specific ways that moral issues pertain to rock paintings examine in the greater context of the archaeological moral debate. Marks on stone, with their social and spiritual implications, supply upward push to targeted moral issues in the scholarly firm as varied perceptions among students and local american citizens are encountered in regard to worldviews, recommendations of area, time, and within the interpretation of the imagery itself. This discourse addresses matters corresponding to the conflicting paradigms of oral traditions and archaeological veracity, differing rules approximately landscapes during which rock artwork happens, the intrusion of “desired knowledge”, and the way the prior could be robbed by means of altering interpretations and values on each side. Case experiences are offered in regard to shamanism and war-related imagery. additionally addressed are matters surrounding questions of paintings, aesthetics, and appropriation of images through outsiders. total, this discourse makes an attempt to elucidate issues of competition among Euro-American students and local americans in order that we will higher realize the origins of alterations and therefore advertise larger mutual realizing in those endeavors.

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Up front, it is important to establish the difference between historical continuity and cultural continuity and how these distinctions affect the relationships between American Indian consultants and the archaeological legacy at stake. Historical continuity through time and cultural continuities may not be one and the same. Because cultural changes and shifts in beliefs can and do occur within a historical continuum, cultural change is part of the historical process. In fact, within the long history of Ancestral Pueblo people in the Southwest, significant changes in rock art iconography document concomitant shifts in cosmology and belief systems (Schaafsma 1980: 105–162, 243–299; Schaafsma and Schaafsma 1974; Schaafsma and Young 2007).

Collaborative enterprises such as these dramatically illustrate how shared information dissolves barriers and enhances intercultural communication, promotes interpretation and respect for alternative worldviews, and helps avoid errors and misconceptions. While collaboration keeps archaeologists on track, a good fit between living cultures and the recent past is crucial, nevertheless, to fruitful ethnographic engagement. Oral Traditions and Inclusion/Goals and Confusion Among the strategies for interpreting rock art imagery, accessing cosmological constructs esoteric to Western archaeologists, or understanding sacred landscapes are varied uses of oral traditions.

34 3 The Interpretation Game and Ways of Knowing the Past Closing Doors A deeper issue latent in discussions concerning consultations is the contrasting philosophies concerning “rights to knowledge” that exist between American Indians and Western scholars. Because most rock art lacks a close connection to privileged knowledge within ongoing indigenous cultures, this issue is less prevalent than among ethnographic studies. Nevertheless, research on rock art of the recent past that does have close cultural connections with contemporary native religions may pose more immediate ethical considerations.

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