In-Core, Solid-State Flux Monitor [pres. slides]

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Summary level: If the account element is a summary level account used for reporting purposes, then you cannot post to it. • Post Actual / Budget / Statistical: These types of posting can be made to this account through Journal entries. [ 35 ] The Initial Compiere Setup As part of the initial set-up process you must set up a Bank account through the Bank window in Compiere. This is done through the Bank Window. Setting up and verify your accounting schema rules The accounting schema defines the rules set-up for default accounting principles.

Presented an understanding of the Compiere product offering options. • Where to get more information, should you require in. In the next chapter, we will illustrate the applicable setups required during initial implementation of a new tenant. [ 17 ] The Initial Compiere Setup Understanding the initial set-up process for an instance of Compiere is essential, because it forms the platform for the future use of the system. In this chapter, we will illustrate the following: • Introducing Compiere terminology and providing a set-up overview • Creating an initial tenant • Setting up the initial accounting elements (chart of accounts) and the accounting schema, which will form the basis for future document accounting • Loading organizations and the applicable warehouses • How to set up the document numbering sequences • Highlight how to set up different unit of measure conversions • How to create users and roles in the system The Initial Compiere Setup Compiere Terminology For purposes of the initial installation it is important to note the following terminology meanings: Terminology Meaning Tenant A Tenant or client refers to the main instance name.

Defining the account elements (Chart of Accounts) import Prior to setting up a new tenant, the account elements (Chart of Accounts) must be defined as per the import template provided. The standard account elements template can be found in the C:\Compiere2\data\import directory. csv (note that there may be other localized templates defined for other countries). csv format layout that is used for the import process. The following columns are defined in the Account Element Template, and although they are defined vertically here.

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