In The Name Of Allah, The All-Merciful And Most Merciful by Harun Yahya

By Harun Yahya

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Some people think, mistakenly, that they can repent when they are older. But such an attitude betrays their insincerity: Allah only accepts the repentance of those who do evil in ignorance and then quickly repent afterward. Allah turns toward such people. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise. There is no repentance for people who persist in doing 44 Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar) evil until death comes to them and then say: “Now I repent,” nor for people who die as unbelievers. We have prepared for them a painful punishment.

Truly humanity is unbridled, seeing itself as self-sufficient. Truly it is to your Lord that you will return. (Surat al-Alaq, 1-8) In His endless grace, He has given countless blessings to humanity and, in return, expects them to serve Him. Those who turn to Him have sincere belief, serve Him with all their heart in submission, and worship Him with full sincerity. They will receive a great reward in the Afterlife in return for this virtuous behavior, for His kindness is everlasting: He has given you everything for which you have asked 30 Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar) Him.

Those who do so should know that he commands indecency and wrongdoing. Were it not for Allah’s favor and mercy to you, not one of you would ever have been purified. But Allah purifies whoever He wills. Allah is All-Hearing, AllKnowing. Those of you are wealthy should not make oaths that they will not give to their relatives, the very poor, and those who have migrated in the way of Allah. Rather, they should pardon and overlook. Would you not love Allah to forgive you? Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

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