Interim Operation of the K-Reactor in Cold Standby

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M-207 ~@ RZVISION o sections. Once the platfi and bw Me Med ~ the X they Me bhickness tested. The cadmiumplates and-blankscannot be removedunless the cask is m-configured. 2 DisasseuMv Basin FiItrado n Svsteq * The Disassembly Basin titration system maintains the Disassembly Basin water visual clarity within specificationsfor routine underwater work pa%ormedby component handling personnel. T&c system removes particulate and suspended solids in the basin water through use of sand filters.

202 PAST RELEVANT OPERATING HISTORY There have been 242 abnormal occurrencesin the SRS production reaetors which are relevant to K-Reactor in Cold Standby and the b and P-Reactor DisassemblyBasins. Of the occurrences, nineteen events invokd tixelor @get aswknbliesbdng dropped to the basin f100f, twei)ty-one events involved’the violation of assembly storage and handling or criticality rul~ ten events involved operatioxid dimsembly erro~ ~enty-seven events involved releases of eontarninated . ifliculties.

The following is a summary of the rdological hazards identified in the B1OSfor the Moderator Storage Areas and Assembiy Area: ● Moderator Storage Areas provide storage of up to approximately230,500 gallons of The areas contain approximately 59,500 gallons of contaminated moderator in storage tanks and approximately 171,000 gallons of moderator stored in 55-gaUondrums in the stack ar~ crane maintenanceare% -40foot-elevationcrossover ar~ -40-fmt-elevation access weU~ and -40-foot-elevation motor rooms of Building 105-K.

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