International Migration, Social Demotion, and Imagined by Erind Pajo

By Erind Pajo

This ebook represents one of many first experiences to examine the unfavourable result of migration. according to an ethnographic research targeting Albanian migrants in Greece and Italy, the e-book discusses the explanations humans depart their fatherland for a "better existence" - particularly if that doesn't take place. It reveals that imaginaries of the area as a social hierarchy may well lie on the root of a lot of the modern foreign migration.

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My husband could have easily been denied entry to the university. The aunt in Italy had died, as I said, and even before she had died they had had no contact with her. Still my husband could have been denied entry to the university. Such were the times. So my husband was now trying to relate this to my daughter. He was struggling to explain to her the story about his biography, how it was back then in Albania, and so on. Entry to the university was allotted by the executive committees4 that we had.

You have emigrants from Bulgaria, from Russia, from the Philippines. Every emigrant comes to Greece because his country is poor. And quickly, this elaboration on how there was nothing really special about the Albanian emigration was followed by a topic of more direct concern: Every emigrant wants to work here.. . The emigrant does not want to steal. The emigrant is not a thief. He is a worker. The emigrant wants to work hard, to earn his money. If Albania were not poor, emigrants would not have come to Greece.

Then you get used to it. Just as they shared the same understanding of emigration as a move from poverty to wealth, emigrants also seemed to share the same “feeling” about their emigration. Yet while the intellectuals were perhaps better at articulating it, all the emigrants shared in the suffering. Judging from their visceral reactions to my questions and remarks, the feeling about emigration was actually shared at an even more profound level than the knowledge about emigration. While emigrants believed that they differed from each other sharply with regard to “knowing” about the causes of emigration, those differences were clearly perceived as negligible when it came to suffering.

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