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The report is intended for policy makers, multilateral and bilateral agency staff, private-sector managers, and others tackling housing and energy problems in FSU countries. Page ix Acknowledgments A special thanks to the following colleagues for contributing text and review comments for this report: Bill Currie, Ray Reilly, Peter Armstrong, and Jim Dirks at Battelle, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Lee Schipper at the International Energy Agency and on leave from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; and Lev Freinkman at the World Bank.

In some cases, the housing-maintenance enterprise must also collect utility payments from households and subsidies from a government administration and pay utility suppliers. Municipal housing-maintenance organizations may play a large role in renovation of existing buildings. Even if renovations are performed by private contractors, municipal housing-maintenance enterprises may be involved because of their knowledge of the building stock. Private Housing-Maintenance Organizations Private housing-maintenance organizations are relatively new and still few in number.

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