Jesus Your Deliverer by Norvel Hayes

By Norvel Hayes

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That's right. He will flee from you. Glory be to God forevermore. Jesus Ought To Sue the Church' We are supposed to have the kind of power that Jesus had in the church. We aren't supposed to change Jesus. One time I was witnessing on the street to a young fellow who was a dope pusher, and he said, "What do you mean? " I said, "I believe Jesus will do anything for anybody that will trust Him. " "Oh, yeah, Jesus loves you; He'll change your life on the inside and change you into another man. The Bible says that 'old things pass away and all things become new' (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Since I started reading the Bible and started believing what I read in the Bible, I hardly believe what anybody tells me now—especially if they don't have chapter and verse. God wants you to have chapter and verse for what you believe. God doesn't want you believing a bunch of stuff because somebody told you it was right or because some guy has a name or a title. Man makes mistakes, but God doesn't. You can stand on the Bible. With Signs Following A lot of people have asked me, "Brother Norvel, why does God manifest Himself so strongly in your services?

This is a rough, mean one; this one has been in there for a long time, ever since the boy was a little child. " No you can't. " Because Jesus said this kind can come forth by nothing but by prayer and fasting. Now some devils you can cast out, but this kind can come forth by nothing. In other words, there won't be anything that will make them come out except prayer and fasting. Fasting makes you more in tune; it makes your spirit more in tune. It gives you more spiritual power. It puts your body under subjection and gives more life and power to your spirit.

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