Kalachakra Initiation - Madison 1981

Kalachakra Initiation by means of Cho Yog Thubten Jamyang, ritual grasp. ahead via Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey. Contents comprise: The Initiation, The Practices, The Vows, and lots of Illustrations, a few in coloe and a few in black and white. textual content has part by means of part translations. this can be a infrequent e-book. Please view situation notes and images. Its in stable condtion at the within and applicable conditon at the open air.

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From the heart ·of Kalachakra are emitted Ones Gone to Bliss, in father and mother aspect, As well as the circle of the mandala. The initiation deities bestow the initiations Of water, crown, crown ribbon, vajra and bell, Conduct, name, and permission. Likewise, they bestow the two sets Of high and greatly high initiations As well as that of a vajra-master. Through these, the physical channels and winds Become serviceable, and I am authorized to cultivate the two ·stages. I come to have the lot of actualizing in this lifetime The great state of Kalachakra possessing the seven features In which the twenty-one thousand six hundred karmic winds And all material factors of the body have been completely consumed.

Then, adorn [the practice] with a final expression of auspiciousness: May the Bodhisattvas who supremely frighten the demigods dwelling above [the earth] in the class of demons, The wrathful kings as well as their consorts who dwell in the directions and intermediate directions in the worlds of humans, And the kings of hooded serpents who at all times bind up the groups of evil spirits and unvirtuous ones [dwelling] under the earthMay all of them protect unknowing worldly beings in all respects each day.

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