Labor Versus Empire: Race, Gender, Migration by Gilbert G. Gonzalez, Raul A. Fernandez, Vivian Price, David

By Gilbert G. Gonzalez, Raul A. Fernandez, Vivian Price, David Smith, Linda Trinh Võ

The essays during this assortment tackle matters major to exertions inside nearby, nationwide and overseas contexts. subject matters of the chapters will concentrate on controlled hard work migration; organizing in multi-ethnic and multi-national contexts; worldwide economics and hard work; worldwide economics and inequality; gender and exertions; racism and globalization; local exchange agreements and hard work.

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4). S. overseas expansion during the Cold War doomed domestic and international labor solidarity. It also reinforced sexism, racism, narrow nationalism, and related forms of craft exclusivism and labor market segmentation (Davis, 1986; Rosswurm, 1992; Zeitlin and Weyer, 2001; Stepan-Norris and Zeitlin, 2003). S. as a whole nevertheless managed for a time to win impressive gains. Progressive longshore workers were particularly successful, as were truckers—some 60% of whom were unionized by 1980—with wages among the highest in manufacturing (Belzer, 2000, p.

22 These movements help unite members within and across different aggrieved racial groups by focusing attention on some of the concrete ways in which race takes on significance in daily life—residential segregation, neighborhood exposure to pollutants, and occupational safety hazards. The movement goes beyond discourses of exclusion rooted in liberal individualism and challenging isolated acts of discrimination aimed at individuals to expose the collective practices and patterns that produce inequality and that keep whole collectivities subordinate to others.

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