Ladder Crystal Filters by J. Pivnichny, N2DCH

By J. Pivnichny, N2DCH

Every little thing that has been constructed in numerous papers on Ladder Crystal Filters is at your fingertips. Ladder Crystal Filters have an attraction simply because crystals of only one frequency are required in lots of purposes. Has a beneficiant reference listing.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Crystal and Capacitor features 1
Chapter 2 - size of Crystal Parameters 7
Chapter three - reduce Sideband Filters 21
Chapter four - higher Sideband Filters 41
Chapter five - twin Filters 53
Chapter 6 - Tunable Filters 60
Chapter 7 - CW Filters 81
Chapter eight - Lattice Filters 94
Chapter nine - courses for clear out layout 104
Appendix A - Derivation of Holder Capacitance 120
Appendix В - checklist of Crystal brands and buyers 122
Appendix С - desk of filter out Coefficients 128
References 129
Index 133

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