Learning Oracle PL/SQL by Bill Pribyl

By Bill Pribyl

PL/SQL, Oracle's programming language for saved methods, offers an international of chances in your database courses. PL/SQL vitamins the traditional relational database language, SQL, with a variety of procedural good points, together with loops, IF-THEN statements, complex facts constructions, and wealthy transactional regulate - all heavily built-in with the Oracle database server. understanding the place to begin with Oracle's procedural language isn't regularly seen to a newcomer, specially contemplating the language's function set and the sheer dimension of the legitimate documentation (not to say Oracle's ever-increasing variety of pre-built PL/SQL programs). yet studying Oracle PL/SQL bargains the signposts and tips you must arise to hurry at the language, introduced in a doable variety of pages whereas masking all of the necessities.

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2 You can call PL/SQL functions directly from SQL Calling PL/SQL functions directly from SQL statements can often make your SQL shorter and more manageable. info mathematical relationship, and someone can later use that function in a SQL SELECT statement. In a library, maybe they have an algorithm for computing a book's popularity based on how frequently it gets checked out and how many times patrons request that it be held for them. This statistic, combined with the number of copies, helps the library determine whether to purchase any new copies of the book.

This translates into another performance win because there is extremely little communications overhead required for the program to talk with the database. Normally, this overhead would be either in the form of network bandwidth or in the CPU power and memory required to use the computer's internal messaging system known as inter-process communication. It is true that PL/SQL has for years been an "interpreted" language rather than a true "compiled" language, resulting in some kinds of operations being slower.

For now, though, it's back to PL/SQL. Before we start assembling language elements into a bigger program, let's look a little more closely at the overall structure a PL/SQL program may assume. info Database > Learning Oracle PL/SQL > 2. 3 Introduction to Program Structure My son, now eight, is a Lego fanatic. While many of his new-fangled, special-purpose Lego components are in many ways different from the simple bricks I had as a child, the idea of constructing from parts is the same. I think humans find something comforting about assembling objects of similar size, shape, and function into useful artifacts.

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