Life on a Chicken Farm (Life on a Farm) by Judy Wolfman

By Judy Wolfman

A toddler explains the actions happening at domestic on a operating poultry farm.

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All the cages are stacked and strapped onto the truck. The back and sides of the truck are open, so the chickens can get air. 35 After the men catch all the chickens and put them in cages, the cages are loaded onto the truck. It takes the chicken catchers about three hours to clear out an entire house. It usually takes about one and a half days to empty all three houses. After the catchers are done, they take the chickens to the processing plant. The plant uses the chickens to make food for people.

New York: Children’s Press, 2000. This colorful book has all kinds of chicken facts. Read about a chicken’s life on a small farm, different breeds of chickens, and what chickens like to do. Stone, Lynn M. Chickens Have Chicks. Mankato, MN: Compass Point Books, 2001. Learn about baby chickens, what they do, and how they grow up. org> This kid-friendly site has lots of great information about eggs. Learn about egg nutrition and find definitions to egg-related words in an eggcyclopedia. Follow the link to Kids and Family, where you’ll find ideas for decorating eggs, egg facts, and recipes made with eggs.

When a chick to its use n i k s its ac tongue to throw it b S chi ome eg ckens g bro s tha lay ta wn r — are som e gre even e eni blu she! THE LARGEST KIND OF CHICKEN CAN GROW TO BE 14 POUNDS. Learn More CHICKENS about Books McDonald, Mary Ann. Chickens. , 1998. This book introduces the physical features of chickens, how chickens clean themselves, and how some eggs are used for food. Miller, Sara Swan. Chickens. New York: Children’s Press, 2000. This colorful book has all kinds of chicken facts.

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