Linear Collider Physics Resource Book for Snowmass 2001, 3: by Abe, T

By Abe, T

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Details of the various distributions associated with this process can be found in Cheung and Keung [85]. √ The discovery reach from this process has been computed in [86], with s = 800 GeV, 1000 fb−1 of integrated luminosity, including various beam polarizations and kinematic acceptance cuts, ISR, and beamstrahlung. √ In this table, we have also included the 95% CL bounds obtained [87] at LEP for s > 200 GeV. The associated emission process at hadron colliders, qq → g + Gn , results in a mono-jet signal.

J. Stirling and A. Werthenbach, Phys. Lett. B466, 369 (1999); Eur. Phys. J. C14, 103 (2000). [17] G. Belanger, F. Boudjema, Y. Kurihara, D. Perret-Gallix and A. Semenov, Eur. Phys. J. C13, 283 (2000). [18] P. J. Dervan, A. Signer, W. J. Stirling and A. Werthenbach, J. Phys. G26, 607 (2000). [19] G. Montagna, M. Moretti, O. Nicrosini, M. Osmo and F. Piccinini, hepph/0103155. [20] The LEP Collaborations ALEPH, DELPHI, L3, OPAL, the LEP Electroweak Working Group, and the SLD Heavy and Flavor and Electroweak Groups, CERN-EP/2001-021, hep-ex/0103048.

15 from [89]. Here, the confidence level of a fit of spin-2 exchange data to a spin-1 exchange hypothesis is displayed; the quality of such a fit is quite poor almost up to the M∗ discovery limit, indicating that the spin-2 nature is discernable. The scenario with large extra dimensions resolves the hierarchy problem without invoking supersymmetry. However, if this mechanism is embedded in a string theory, then supersymmetry may also be present at the weak scale. A supersymmetric bulk then results in a KK tower of gravitinos, in addition to the KK gravitons.

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