Linguistics, Archaeology and the Human Past (Occasional by Toshiki Osada (長田俊樹), Akinori Uesugi (上杉彰紀) (editors)

By Toshiki Osada (長田俊樹), Akinori Uesugi (上杉彰紀) (editors)

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Only tortoise and small mammal (mongoose/hare size). fragments bearing marks of natural as well as human In addition, categories like “General mammal” and action were given a registration number. At the end “General bird” were also formed. In these cases, it was of the study, the faunal material was restored back to clear that the bone fragment belonged to mammal/ their respective packets. bird but it was not possible to identify the species. THE FAUNAL MATERIAL Furthermore, there were some bone fragments, which were identified up to the skeletal element but not to the species level.

Joglekar A Bos indicus (top and left from Historic) and Bubalus bubalis B Bos indicus phalanx phalanx1 C Bos indicus bones (from Break) D Bos/Bubalus femur showing gnawing marks (from Historical context) Figure 7 Bones from Kanmer this animal. An astragalus of buffalo (K31) bearing was represented in the form of single antler belonging cut marks (completely charred) and also a completely to Axis axis (K107). The non-mammals recovered charred tibia were recovered from trench S21. The from this phase include birds and reptiles.

1994), was conducted at the site in 2006-07 field season. Higham (1975), Gupta et al. (1987, 1990), and The selected faunal material was analysed in the Prummel and Frisch (1986). Furthermore, the general laboratory. P. Joglekar Figure 4 A view showing how the bones are embedded in the deposit Hillson (1992), Kratochvil (1969) and Miguad (1992) to the Cervidae family. These were recorded as “deer” and other scholars were also used while analyzing the since there were not identified up to the genus or material.

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