Mathematics of Genome Analysis by Jerome K. Percus

By Jerome K. Percus

The large study attempt often called the Human Genome undertaking is an try to checklist the series of the 3 trillion nucleotides that make up the human genome and to spot person genes inside of this series. the outline and type of sequences is seriously depending on mathematical and statistical versions. This brief textbook offers a short description of a number of ways that arithmetic and information are getting used in genome research and sequencing.

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Whole populations can be tracked in this way. The humpbacks of Hawaii almost all carry the same pattern of DNA, with virtually no vari­ ation among them. The Hawaiians had no names for whales and the old whalers never found them around the islands. Perhaps, like AIDS on its first forays into Europe, they are recent immigrants, descendants of a few founders and a limited pool of genes. DNA links whales to the other mammals. They are not, alas, rdated to bears (who sit firmly among the dogs) . Instead their molecular her­ itage shows them to be close to the hoofed mammals, the ungulates.

The human immunodeficiency virus contains in its brief history the en­ tire argument of The Origin ofSpecies: variation, a struggle for existence, and natural selection that in time leads to new forms of life. Geography tells part of its story, as do fossils, and its genes are a link to distant rela­ tives with which it shared an ancestor long ago. They reveal a hierarchy of order as evidence of descent from a common source pushed further and further into the past. Our lives are too short to understand the evolution of other beings in such detail.

Some still hope to find symbolic significance in Darwinism. They will not: but his work turned the study of life into a science rather than a collection of unrelated anecdotes. C H A P T E R I VARIAT I O N UNDER D O M ES T I CATI O N Character o f Domestic Varieties - Relation between Man and his Do­ mestics - Origin of Domestic Varieties from one or more Species Principles of Selection, anciently followed - Domestic dogs, their Dif­ ferences and Origin - Methodical and Unconscious Selection - Breed and Identity - Evolution on the Farm - Zoological Gardens: the Call of the Tame - Loss of Variety under Domestication - The Wolf be­ neath the Skin - Difficulty of distinguishing between Varieties and Species Man has a strange relationship with his domestic animals.

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