Mechanisms in B-Cell Neoplasia: Workshop at the National by Jerry M. Adams, Alan W. Harris, Wallace Y. Langdon, Carl A.

By Jerry M. Adams, Alan W. Harris, Wallace Y. Langdon, Carl A. Pinkert, Ralph L. Brinster (auth.), Professor Dr. Fritz Melchers, Michael Potter M.D. (eds.)

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3, which produces both CSF-1 and GM-CSF, was dramatically stimulated by both CM and by puritied CSF-1, but the response to CM was not blocked by anti-CSF-1 serum, suggesting that the cells may possess receptors, and respond to, both GM-CSF and CSF-1. 1 tailed to respond to puritied CSF-1 and growth was not blocked by anti-CSF-1 serum, even though this line produced the highest level ot CSF-1 in the medium and growth was stimulated dramatically by CM. 1, did not respond to puritied CSF-1 and exhibited only a limited growth stimulation in response to CM.

1985) and augmentation of transcriptional activity resulting from apposed IgH enhancer sequences (Corcoran, 1985). These studies provide substantial inferential support for the view that aberrant expression of ~ is central to the transformation of murine plasma cells and T cells but direct evidence to buttress this argument has been lacking. Efforts to develop this evidence have taken several complementary directions, all resulting in abnormally high levels of ~ expression in somatic cells. These include the development of transgenic mice with murine or human c-~ genes driven by selected promoter/enhancer sequences (Stewart et al.

Infection of bone marrow cells gave rise to partially transformed mononuolear phagocytes which were entirely dependent on an exogenous supply of the monocyte speoifio-growth faotor CSF-1 for proliferation. Infeotion in vivo induced monooyte/maorophage tumors with a latenoy period of 8-10 wks. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Transformation of bone marrow cells. The majority of the tumors in whioh aotivated o-myo genes have been implioated are of the hemopoietio lineage. We therefore assayed the c-myc retrovirus for the ability to induce partial or complete transformation of bone marrow oells from 4 wk old mioe.

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