Medieval Chinese Society and the Local ''Community'' by Michio Tanigawa

By Michio Tanigawa

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P This system, the chiu-p'in chung-chengq (Nine Ranks and Arbiter), has been studied in great depth elsewhere and needs no further discussion here. 10 We also see the growth and efflorescence of Chinese culture in the Six Dynasties period. Calligraphy and painting emerge as artistic forms, while new poetic styles and the compilation of the Wen-hsüanr poetry collection appear. And, because Confucianism was not predominant, we see an age in which a freer atmosphere existed for other religions and schools of thought, such as Buddhism and Taoism.

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XI), Paris, Presses universitaires de France, 1957, pp. 387414. 11. , Council on East Asian Studies, Harvard University, 1984. 12. 5 (May 1922). This essay is reprinted in Naito's collected works, Naito Konan zenshu* , Chikuma shobo, 19691976, Vol. VIII, pp. 111119. , M. E. Sharpe, Publishers, 1984, pp. 8899. 13. See Naito's Shina joko* shi (Ancient Chinese history) and his Shina chuko* no bunka (Medieval Chinese culture), both in Naito Konan zenshu, Vol. X. Naito often cited as his authority on the aristocracy in this period the eighteenth-century Chinese historian Chao I .

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