Microsoft SQL server 2008 administration for Oracle DBAs by Mark Anderson; James Fox; Christian Bolton

By Mark Anderson; James Fox; Christian Bolton

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Transaction Log Files The roles of undo and redo with respect to transaction logging and recovery in Oracle are treated as separate entities through redo log files and undo tablespaces. In SQL Server, both of these roles are performed by the transaction log file. The transaction log is responsible for tracking all activity in the database such that it can be recovered in the event of system failure (crash recovery). This therefore includes tracking operations Chapter 2: SQL Server Architecture such as the start and end of every transaction, DDL operations, page and extent allocation/deallocation, as well as other activities.

Ultimately, you need to understand what it is that you are doing when running a command. SSMS has a great feature that is a mix of the two approaches of GUI and command line when working with dialog boxes. Instead of clicking OK to perform an action, you can ask SSMS to script the action to a new query window, file, or the Windows Clipboard, or even to take the command and schedule it as a job to run later. That way, you get to see what SSMS was going to do had you clicked OK. As an example, Figure 1-4 shows the Server Properties dialog box, which allows you to adjust instance parameters.

It is worth looking there for SQL Server–related projects because there are many add-ins for tools such as SSMS and Business Intelligence Development Studio. Also, as mentioned in the previous section, CodePlex is used by Microsoft as the release mechanism for product samples such as the sample databases for SQL Server. Some of the most interesting SQL Server articles come from the SQL Server community MVPs (Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals). MVPs are members of the SQL Server community who have been recognized by Microsoft as experts in the field and are regular contributors to educating the SQL Server community.

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