MIT RadLab {complete set} Vol 26 - Radar Scanners and by W. Cady, et al.,

By W. Cady, et al.,

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If the supporting framework is steel, the cloth can be attached by soft-soldering. If the supporting framework is wood, the cut edges of the cloth can be served with a thin strip of metal and then firmly nailed to the wooden supports. —Stainless steel wire has been woven B. Stainless Steel Wire Screen. into a special screenz in which the wires are firmly spaced by crimping them into a rectangular pattern. This screen is difficult to form but makes excellent flat surfaces. The cut edges are generally attached to retaining strips, but the free areas have considerable structural rigidity.

It therefore follows that the first step in the design of an antenna is the selection of the size of reflector that the system will require. 8 With this dimension fixed, it then becomes necesprojected diameter. sary to select a commensurate focal length. The r-f energy leaving a horn feed or other emitting source will be dispersed, especially if the horn is narrow, when the energy passes through the free space between the end of the feed and the surface of the reflector. The primary pattern of radiation from the feed can be controlled by Uniform illumination of the reflector is undesirable, proper design.

Shimming in this manner permits the correction of any irregularities that may exist in the surfa,ce of the supporting structure. 8] TRUE 25 PARABOLOIDS of some surfaces with tubular elements are given in the following examples; other properties of these surfaces are recorded in Table 2“3. E. 52S aluminum tubing, &in. 049 in. wall) on 1~-in. centers. F. 24ST aluminum tubing, ~-in. 035-in. wall) on +-in. centers. -GRILL REFLECTTNQ SURFACES Grill No. 2% t Specified windVelocities thatthereflectoram withstand without structural darnam ~Weightincluden mrfaceelement~ only.

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