Modern American housing : high-rise, reuse, infill by Peggy Tully

By Peggy Tully

Modern American Housing brings jointly the main enlightened thinkers from the worlds of structure, social perform, and actual property improvement to offer the most recent advancements within the layout and building of recent housing inventory in re-urbanizing towns through the usa. New housing is grouped into 3 sections—housing towers, reused ancient buildings, and concrete infill—and documented with photos, pre-construction renderings, ground plans, and maps indicating situation in city settings. An accompanying essay and a dialogue with city planners, architects, and policymakers around out this clean examine the previous and way forward for the yankee condominium

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It’s obscene. It’s totally faith-based, as opposed to fact-based. If you really look at the facts, if you look at the cities with which Manhattan, all of New York, competes—London, Hong Kong, Tokyo— DG We’re a bargain. VC And we have way more socioeconomic diversity than any of those other global capitals. If you go to the Square Mile in London, you cannot swing a cat without hitting an investment banker. I think this is one of the places people go astray when they talk about density and diversity.

VC Make them pay the real cost of what they cost society as a whole. GP Right. DG But couldn’t “superexpensive” influence what is popular? Because if it’s superexpensive to live on the outskirts— PN It’ll become aspirational? DG Exactly. PN In a way, it’s already there. It is superexpensive to heat and furnish a McMansion or to fuel an SUV. GP But not nearly in line with its real cost. VC Look—and tell me if this isn’t skating on the surface—but it took over twenty years for housing prices after the Depression to correct to precrash values.

Prompted as they were by financial rather than physical obsolescence, such teardowns highlighted the centrality of financing to the architecture of American houses. The mortgage-supported real estate speculation of the 1990s and the early years of the twenty-first century was captured in a spate of television shows built around the culture of house flipping: the practice of purchasing and improving a house, then reselling it at a higher price. As long as prices continued to rise, astute homeowners could use credit to finance a series of transactions that netted them a good profit even once the transaction and renovation costs were deducted from the sale price.

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