Modern Jewish Thinkers: From Mendelssohn to Rosenzweig by Gershon Greenberg

By Gershon Greenberg

Ancient stipulations on the finish of the eighteenth century opened an enviornment among the previously independent Jewish group and the Christian international, which yielded new departure issues for philosophy, together with revelation and philosophical cause, dialectically thought of; rationalism as intellection and advancing realization; heteronomous revelation; historicity; and common morality. In smooth Jewish Thinkers, Greenberg restructures the historical past of contemporary Jewish concept comprehensively, supplying English translations of Reggio, Krokhmal, Maimon, Samuel Hirsch, Formstecher, Steinheim, Ascher, Einhorn, Samuel David Luzzatto, and Hermann Cohen, released right here for the 1st time. the provision of those assets fills a spot within the box and stimulates new instructions for educating and scholarly study in glossy Jewish concept, going past Spinoza and Mendelssohn at one finish, and to renowned twentieth-century figures at the different.

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At the same time, Wiener declared, Mendelssohn’s teachings of Judaism had a spiritual dimension of rational form. 11 Julius Guttmann stressed that Mendelssohn successfully balanced the conflicting forces of philosophy and Jew in his soul. Mendelssohn lived in two worlds, Guttman wrote: in his belief, a child of the universal religion of reason; in his observance of religious laws, a member of the Jewish community. Devoted to both, he experienced no conflict or tension between them. The idealism of religion of reason and the priority of Jewish sentiments were together genuine components of Mendelssohn’s spiritual essence, Guttmann asserted.

27 Salomon Ludwig Steinheim, Moses Mendelssohn und seine Schule in ihren Beziehung zur Aufgabe des neuen Jahrhunderts der alten Zeitrechnung (Hamburg: Hoffmann und Campe, 1840). 28 Franz Rosenzweig, “Die Bauleute,” “Vorspruch zu einer Mendelssohnfeier [Fall 1929],” and “Der jüdische Mensch,” in Der Mensch und Sein Werk: Gesammelte Schriften (Dordrecht: Martinus Nijhoff, 1984), 699, 457, 566-567. See Paul Mendes-Flohr, “Mendelssohn and Rosenzweig,” in Der Philosoph Franz Rosenzweig (1886-1929), vol.

E. Krieger, 1978), 81-82. 10 Isaac Euchel, Toledot Rabbeinu Ha’haham Mosheh ben Menahem (Berlin: Hinukh Ne’arim, 1788), 113, as cited by Sorkin, Moses Mendelssohn and the Religious Enlightenment, xviii. 11 Wiener, “Mendelssohn and the Religious Forms of Judaism in the Nineteenth Century,” in Studies in Jewish Thought: An Anthology of German Jewish Scholarship, ed. Jospe , 404-416. 1. MOSES MENDELSSOHN ———————————————— Mendelssohn’s system of thought adapted one to the other, and their joint occupancy in his soul did not affect his personal integrity.

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