Modification of Existing Welded Steel: Moment Frame. by Gross J. L., Engelhardt M. D., Uang C.

By Gross J. L., Engelhardt M. D., Uang C.

The Congressional emergency appropriation caused by the January 17, 1994, Northridge earthquake supplied the construction and fireplace examine Laboratory (BFRL)at the nationwide Institute of criteria and know-how (NIST) a chance to extend its actions in earthquake engineering lower than the nationwide Earthquake HazardReduction application (NEHRP). as well as the postearthquake reconnaissance, BFRL concentrated its efforts totally on post-earthquake fireplace and lifelines and on moment-resisting metal frames.

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Yield patterns observed in the NIST/AISC experimental program illustrate the difficulty in locating a concentrated plastic hinge, because the location and extent of flange yielding are not the same at the top and bottom flanges. Consider the welded haunch modification where the haunch is added to the bottom flange only. 2 shows that the yielded length of the bottom flange extends outward from the haunch tip and is shorter than the yielded length of the top flange, which extends closer to the column.

015 radian at the most severely loaded connections. The connection damage experienced in these buildings suggests that the pre-Northridge connection detail is often incapable of sustaining these levels of plastic rotation without failure. 015 radian. This same SAC analytical study also examined the response of the ten buildings to a variety of other, potentially more damaging ground motions. 025 radian were obtained when the buildings were subjected to a suite of actual ground motion records roughly consistent with a response spectra with a 10 percent probability of exceedance in 50 years.

Many existing WSMFs designed according to earlier codes may therefore not satisfy Eq. 4, even without connection modifications. In such cases, the designer must evaluate the potential impact of column hinging on the seismic performance of the frame. This can be accomplished through inelastic dynamic analysis of the frame using representative ground motion records for the site, including second order effects to evaluate the possibility of story instability. Simpler inelastic pushover analysis may also provide insight into the potential impact of column hinging.

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