Monte Carlo Affairs, Prince's Ultimate Deception (Silhouette by Emilie Rose

By Emilie Rose

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Candace handed her credit card to the clerk and then turned back to Madeline. ” Good point. She hated it when others saw something that should have been obvious to her. “When did you become a shrink? ” Candace shrugged. “Nurse. Shrink. Most days they’re one and the same in the burn unit. But I don’t need to be a psychiatrist to know that Mike didn’t treat you well. ” “That’s a knee-jerk reaction to the dickhead’s lies. You’ll get over it, Ms. Monogamy. ” Madeline’s cheeks flashed hot. She glanced at the couturière.

He’d said he enjoyed water sports so he probably had the sea legs to handle a gently undulating dock and a boat that probably cost more than her condo. She reached his side, shoved her sunglasses up onto her head and waited, poised on a knife edge between tension and anticipation. Her reflection in his dark lenses looked back at her, and his cedar and sage scent teased her nose. She bit her lip and eyed the yacht. “I’m going to hate billing Vincent for this rental. I’ll cover it. ” “The boat is borrowed.

Her tongue swiped quickly over her bottom lip and he barely contained a groan. ” Again the lie complicated matters. He shook his head. ” She grimaced. “And I’m sharing a suite with the bride-to-be and two other bridesmaids. ” And he had to avoid her celebrity-watching friend. He clenched his teeth to dam a frustrated growl and laced his fingers through hers. He led her outside the restaurant, passing by Ian on a nearby bench. Dominic scanned the area, for there was one thing that couldn’t wait.

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