Mouse Liver Tumors: Relevance to Human Cancer Risk Symposium by J. Doull (auth.), Philip L. Chambers, Dietrich Henschler,

By J. Doull (auth.), Philip L. Chambers, Dietrich Henschler, Franz Oesch (eds.)

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7%) of the primary hepatocellular carcinomas originating in male mice grew successfully in the female hosts. The incidence of the successful transplantation of the male donor cells into the female recipients increased following additional transplantations in male hosts before being transferred into the female recipients. 5% of the transplants grew in the female recipients and 100% of the "male" transplants grew in the female recipients following 6 "passages" in males. The overall characteristics of transplants originating from hyperplastic nodules, adenomatous nodules, and carcinomas are given in Table 10.

Toxicol Appl PharmacoI67:15-25 Gupta R, Goe! SK, Earley K, Singh B, Reddy JK (1985) 32P-Postlabeling analysis of peroxisome proliferator-DNA adduct formation in rat liver in vivo and in vitro. Carcinogenesis 6:933-936 Hess R, Staiibli W, Riess W (1965) Nature of the hepatomegalic effect produced by ethyl-chlorophenoxy-isobutyrate in the rat. Nature 208:856-858 Kitagawa T, Nomura K, Sasaki S (1985) Induction by x-irradiation of adenosine triphosphatasedeficient islands in the rat liver and their characterization.

K. Reddy and M. S. Rao Receptor-Mediated Activation of Specific Genes by Xenobiotics: Tissue Specificity in Peroxisome Proliferator-Induced Biological Effects The toxicity and carcinogenicity of a majority of xenobiotics is attributed to the generation of highly reactive electrophiles which interact with and alter cellular macromolecules. In general, the toxicity and carcinogenicity of these agents depend upon the xenobiotic activating and detoxifying enzyme systems in various tissues. However, an increasing number of xenobiotic compounds, which do not require extensive metabolic activation, appear to induce a set of highly predictable patterns of acute and chronic cellular responses in specific target cells or tissues.

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