Multiple Drug Resistance in Cancer 2: Molecular, Cellular by Irene Bosch, James M. Croop MD, PhD (auth.), Martin Clynes

By Irene Bosch, James M. Croop MD, PhD (auth.), Martin Clynes (eds.)

Resistance to chemotherapy, and particularly multi-drug resistance, represents an important barrier to the profitable therapy of melanoma. This multi-author quantity brings jointly a variety of up to date experiences on diverse features of our wisdom of drug-resistance mechanisms, written by way of specialists within the diversified parts. specific cognizance is paid to lately chanced on mechanisms with regards to oncogene expression and specifically to proteins all for legislation and execution of apoptosis. different very important issues lined contain DNA fix, topoisomerases, mobile cycle keep an eye on, oxygenation and vascularisation of tumours, LRP, intermediate filament proteins and low-level resistance. contemporary advancements in realizing the function of efflux pumps (P-170, MRP) in multi-drug resistance also are reviewed. This e-book could be worthwhile to clinicians and scientists operating within the parts of chemotherapy, drug resistance, DNA fix and apoptosis research.

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