New Technologies for Energy Efficiency by Michael Frank Hordeski

By Michael Frank Hordeski

Examines the whole scope of recent applied sciences to be had to deal with this main issue of electrical energy offer now via decreasing dependency at the strength grid. writer information the instruments and applied sciences on hand for incorporating smaller, fresh, extra effective energy-generating applied sciences.

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One that is too thin will cause overheating. A thermal storage wall can be masonry storage placed 3 to 4 inches behind a glazing. There is no venting through the wall into the living space. Heating of the space is by radiation from the wall. Sunlight heats the wall directly and the heat takes some time to pass through the wall. This is the thermal lag. If the wall has the proper thickness, heat will radiate from the interior side at night. The space is heated only slightly during the day. Daytime heating is provided mainly by heat collected during the previous day.

They should be trained in energy management. Seminars or other educational classes can be used. The functions of a coordinator include: • Inform plant management of any problems in energy use reduction and suggest ways to solve them, • Ensure that cost reduction measures are on schedule, • Establish priorities, set completion dates, and obtaining adequate staffing, • Develop new energy reduction projects, • Determine trends in energy usage and efficiency, • Develop checklists to improve efficiency and operations techniques, and • Develop energy standards.

When it changes back from a gas to a liquid by condensation or liquefaction, it releases heat. A heat pump uses these properties to transfer heat. The refrigerant has a boiling temperature far below room or outside temperatures. It is contained in a liquid state in a sealed coil, the heat exchanger, and exposed to a heat source. This may be outside air, solar-heated water or groundwater. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the source and, as it warms up, it boils changing to a gas. The refrigerant is then pumped through a compress or into another sealed coil which is exposed to the sink.

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