OCA-OCP: introduction to Oracle9i SQL: study guide by Chip Dawes

By Chip Dawes

Study the fine details of 9i with the OCA/OCP: advent to Oracle9i SQL learn Guide. This unencumber from Sybex will arrange you for examination 1Z0-007, advent to Oracle9i: SQL. You get hundreds of thousands of demanding overview questions within the booklet and at the CD and authoritative assurance of all examination ambitions.

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5*10 / Division: Use to divide a data item or expression with another. 4/2 Do not use two hyphens (--) to represent double negation; use a space or parenthesis in between, as in -(-20). Two hyphens represent the beginning of a comment in SQL. Concatenation Operator The concatenation operator is used to concatenate or join two character (text) strings. The result of concatenation is another character string. Concatenating a zero-length string '' or a NULL with another string results in a string, not a NULL.

S-(-p)=s+p=5+2=7) 123456789 NUMBER(5,-4) 123460000 Rounded to nearest 10000. 1234567890 NUMBER(5,-4) Error Outside range; can have only five digits excluding the four trailing zeros. 6 Use of * in precision specifies the default limit (38). 01235 Rounded to four digits after the decimal point and zero. 09999 Stored as it is; only four digits after the decimal point and zero. 1, which is outside the range. Explanation DATE The DATE datatype is used to store date and time information. This datatype can be converted to other forms for viewing, but it has a number of special functions and properties that make date manipulation and calculations simple.

The SYSDATE function returns the current system date and time from the database server to which you’re currently connected. The default date format is specified using the initialization parameter NLS_ DATE_FORMAT. The value of this parameter can be changed in the user’s environment or in the user’s session. Operators and Literals An operator is a manipulator that is applied to a data item in order to return a result. Special characters represent different operations in Oracle (+ represents addition, for example).

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