OCA/OCP : Oracle9i DBA Fundamentals I study guide by Biju Thomas

By Biju Thomas

Here's the ebook you must arrange for examination 1Z0-031: OCA/OCP: Oracle9i DBA basics I learn Guide

  • In-depth assurance of professional examination objectives
  • Practical info on imposing and coping with Oracle9i databases
  • Hundreds of tough evaluation questions, within the booklet and at the CD

Authoritative assurance of all examination ambitions, including:

  • Understanding Oracle structure and its major components
  • Identifying DBA administrative tools
  • Setting up password dossier authentications
  • Creating and handling Initialization Parameter Files
  • Configuring OMF
  • Create a database utilizing Oracle Database Configuration Assistant
  • Creating a database manually

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and different supplementary fabrics are usually not integrated as a part of e-book file.

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4. A. Primary keys cannot be dropped nor can columns with user- defined data types be dropped without making a table unavailable. 5. A, B, C, D. All the above joins are now specified in the WHERE clause. Previous versions of Oracle supported all these join types other than the full outer join in the WHERE clause. 6. C. The new OEM not only uses a cleaner, easier-to-use two-pane layout, it integrates all the tools previously available through DBA Studio. 7. A, B, C, E. IMPORT cannot reject statistics based on whether the table is partitioned.

28. A, C, E. Oracle9i has four partitioning methods available: RANGE, HASH, COMPOSITE, and LIST. In range partitioning, rows with a range of values are mapped to a partition. In hash partitioning, rows are mapped to a partition using a derived hash value. In composite partitioning, range is used for partitions, and hash is used for sub-partitions. In list partitioning, rows are mapped to partitions based on discrete column values. For information about partition, refer to Chapter 8. 29. B. The NLS_SESSION_PARAMETERS view shows information about the NLS parameter values that are in effect in the session.

In previous versions of LogMiner, the analysis stopped when a corrupted redo log file was encountered. START_LOGMNR procedure notes and ignores the bad block(s). The other new option in this procedure is COMMITTED_DATA_ONLY. With this option enabled, any LogMiner operation will return results only from committed transactions. Backup and Recovery The enhancements to Recovery Manager (RMAN) are numerous. They fall into three basic categories: Persistent configuration parameters General enhancements to backup and restore A redesigned, easier-to-use graphical interface RMAN now supports the CONFIGURE command, which allows the DBA to set the backup parameters persistently across backup sessions.

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