OCP Oracle8I DBA performance tuning and network by Joseph C. Johnson

By Joseph C. Johnson

A learn consultant for Oracle database directors who wish OCP certification. Certification guarantees a excessive point of competence within the DBA activity function. An accompanying CD-ROM comprises self-testing software program and pre-assessment checks.

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This includes the SGA and all Oracle background processes (SMON, PMON, DBW0, LGWR, and CKPT). An Oracle database consists of all the physical files that make up the database: control files, datafiles, and redo logs. See Chapter 1 for more information. 80. C. When a row is updated to be larger than the available free space in the block where the row is stored, it migrates to a new block. By deleting and reinserting the migrated rows, the rows will automatically be assigned to a block that can hold the entire row without migration.

SQL script at the beginning of the reporting period. B. Let at least ten minutes pass between running each script. C. TXT file for information. D. Copies of some V$ views are made and then used to calculate performance statistics. com Assessment Questions lix 91. What does IIOP stand for? A. Internet Interactive Objects Protocol B. Internet Instance Objects Protocol C. Internet Inter-Orb Protocol D. Internet Inter-Objects Protocol E. None of the above 92. ora entry that will result in an error at instance startup: A.

All of the above 49. What utility is used to format trace files? A. Oracle Trace B. Oracle Trace Assistant C. Oracle Net8 Trace D. Oracle Trace Utility 50. Which of the following statements about the differences between the V$SESSTAT and V$SYSSTAT views is incorrect? ) A. V$SESSTAT shows per session statistics, V$SYSSTAT shows instance wide statistics. B. V$SESSTAT includes the user name, V$SYSSTAT does not. C. V$SESSTAT shows statistics for connected sessions, V$SYSSTAT shows cumulative statistics for all sessions that have connected since instance startup.

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