Oracle administration and management by Michael R Ault

By Michael R Ault

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За последние 10 лет книга Oracle PL/SQL Programming издательства O'Reilly's стала бестселлером среди книг по PL/SQL, процедурному языку базы данных Oracle. Снабженная примерами и полезными рекомендациями книнга является незаменимой как новичкам, так и гуру, как разработчикам на Oracle types, так и администраторам - используйте PL/SQL на полную мощь.

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Oracle program convey four Recipes offers an example-based method of studying program convey - the ground-breaking, quick software improvement platform integrated with each Oracle Database license. The recipes layout is perfect for the quick-study who simply desires an excellent instance or to kick begin their pondering and get pointed within the correct path.

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The Oracle Masters programs are especially useful in that they take the guesswork out of which classes you should take. Consult with Oracle training about schedules and classes. For large Oracle installations with large numbers of developers and administrators, Oracle, and vendors such as TUSC, will provide on-site classes that may significantly reduce your training costs. Another good program is the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) DBA certification program. For a fee, you can go to any Sylvan Learning Center and take a set of examinations that will determine if you have the prerequisite knowledge to be a DBA on Oracle.

It is generally felt that RAID10 performs better than RAID01. RAID2. Data is distributed in extremely small increments across all disks and adds one or more disks that contain a Hamming code for redundancy. RAID2 is not considered commercially viable due to the added disk requirements (10 to 20 percent must be added to allow for the Hamming disks). RAID3. This also distributes data in small increments but adds only one parity disk. This results in good performance for large transfers; however, small transfers show poor performance.

1) 3901 P-01 5/22/02 9:18 AM Page 13 INSTALLATION OF ORACLE 13 Tape Systems Nine-track, 4mm, 8mm, and the infamous TK series from DEC can be used to provide a medium for archive logs and exports. One problem with doing so, however, most installations require operator monitoring of the tape devices to switch cartridges and reels. With the advent of stacker-loader drives for the cartridge tapes, and tape libraries such as those provided by StorageTek, this limitation has all but been eliminated in all but the smallest shops.

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