Oracle Data Mining - Administrator's Guide, 10g Release 2

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3. On the Tablespaces page, click the Create button. 4. On the General tab of the Create Tablespace page, provide a name for the tablespace. Specify whether it is temporary or permanent, and set it as the default. To create the datafile, click the Add button. Administering Oracle Database for Data Mining 2-5 Creating Data Mining Users 5. On the Add Datafile page, provide a file name for the tablespace. Specify the file size and click the Reuse Existing File box. In the Storage section, specify AUTOEXTEND and provide the increment size.

Ctx_ddl If you do not have access to dmshgrants, you can set permissions using the SQL GRANT command or Enterprise Manager Database Control. Run DMSHGRANTS The following command, executed in SQL*Plus on a Windows platform, passes two arguments to dmshgrants: The password for the SH user (shpsw in this case) and the user name receiving the access rights (dmuser). @%ORACLE_HOME%\rdbms\demo\dmshgrants shpsw dmuser 4-6 Oracle Data Mining Administrator’s Guide Creating a Demo User On Linux, this is the equivalent command: @$ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/demo/dmshgrants shpsw dmuser Populating the Schema The dmsh script populates the schema of the demo user with tables and views that reference the source data in the SH schema.

Downloading from OTN You can download a zip file containing the demo programs and documentation from the Oracle Data Mining page on OTN. Use the following URL. html Extract the contents of the zip file, making sure to preserve the directory structure. The files will be copied to a directory called DATA MINING demos on your computer. The zip file contains documentation similar to the information in this chapter. html in a browser. Ensure that the SQL programs are located in a directory where you can access them using SQL*Plus.

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