Oracle Database 11g DBA Handbook (Osborne ORACLE Press by Bob Bryla, Kevin Loney

By Bob Bryla, Kevin Loney

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The longevity of the temporary data is controlled by the on commit clause; on commit delete rows removes all rows from the temporary table when a commit or rollback is issued, and on commit preserve rows keeps the rows in the table beyond the transaction boundary. However, when the user’s session is terminated, all of the user’s rows in the temporary table are removed. There are a few other things to keep in mind when using temporary tables. Although you can create an index on a temporary table, the entries in the index are dropped along with the data rows, as with a regular table.

For an installation of Oracle 11g, a minimum of two tablespaces are created: the SYSTEM tablespace and the SYSAUX tablespace; a default installation of Oracle 11g creates six tablespaces (see the appendix “Installation and Configuration” for sample Oracle 11g installations). Oracle 11g allows you to create a special kind of tablespace called a bigfile tablespace, which can be as large as 128TB (terabytes). Using bigfiles makes tablespace management completely transparent to the DBA; in other words, the DBA can manage the tablespace as a unit without worrying about the size and structure of the underlying datafiles.

Here is an example of creating a reverse key index: create index IE_LINE_ITEM_ORDER_NUMBER on LINE_ITEM(Order_Number) REVERSE; If an order number of 123459 is placed, the reverse key index stores the order number as 954321. Inserts into the table are distributed across all leaf keys in the index, reducing the contention among several writers all doing inserts of new rows. A reverse key index also reduces the potential for these “hot spots” in an OLTP environment if orders are queried or modified soon after they are placed.

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