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Oracle PL/SQL Programming 4Th Edition

За последние 10 лет книга Oracle PL/SQL Programming издательства O'Reilly's стала бестселлером среди книг по PL/SQL, процедурному языку базы данных Oracle. Снабженная примерами и полезными рекомендациями книнга является незаменимой как новичкам, так и гуру, как разработчикам на Oracle kinds, так и администраторам - используйте PL/SQL на полную мощь.

Oracle Streams 11g Data Replication

Grasp Oracle Streams 11g Replication let real-time details entry and information sharing throughout your allotted framework utilizing the professional details during this Oracle Press advisor. Oracle Streams 11g info Replication explains the best way to manage and administer a unified firm information sharing infrastructure.

Oracle Application Express 4 Recipes

Oracle program exhibit four Recipes presents an example-based method of studying program exhibit - the ground-breaking, speedy program improvement platform incorporated with each Oracle Database license. The recipes layout is perfect for the quick-study who simply wishes an outstanding instance or to kick commence their pondering and get pointed within the correct path.

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Creating a table called COMMISSION that has the same structure and data as the columns EMP_ID and COMMISSIONS of the EMP table. F. Decreasing the commission by 150 for the employees who are working in department 30 and earning a commission of more then 800. Answer: B, D, E Explanation: Increasing the commission of employee 3 by the average commission earned in department 20 will require sub-queries or joins in order to perform in a single step. Inserting into the table a new employee 10 who works for department 20 and earns a commission that is equal to the commission earned by employee 3 is correct answer also.

Department _ id); D. salary) IN (SELECT department_id max(salary) FROM employees b GROUP BY department_id ORDER BY department _ id); Answer: A Explanation: This SQL statement shows correct syntax to build inline views. You must enclose the query text for the inline view in parentheses and also give a label for the inline view so that columns in it can be referenced later. In answer A inline view is marked as B. Incorrect Answers B: This SQL statement will fail because it is not correct syntax for inline views.

D: Your last update will not fail because there is employee with ID 180 in the table and transactions have been rolled back only to the savepoint s2 before issue this update. OCP Introduction to Oracle 9i: SQL Exam Guide, Jason Couchman, p. 279-285 Chapter 6: Manipulating Oracle Data QUESTION 68: Which two are attributes of iSQL*Plus? (Choose two) A. /SQL*Plus commands cannot be abbreviated. B. /SQL*Plus commands are accessed from a browser. C. /SQL*Plus commands are used to manipulate data in tables.

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