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Oracle PL/SQL Programming 4Th Edition

За последние 10 лет книга Oracle PL/SQL Programming издательства O'Reilly's стала бестселлером среди книг по PL/SQL, процедурному языку базы данных Oracle. Снабженная примерами и полезными рекомендациями книнга является незаменимой как новичкам, так и гуру, как разработчикам на Oracle varieties, так и администраторам - используйте PL/SQL на полную мощь.

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Grasp Oracle Streams 11g Replication permit real-time details entry and information sharing throughout your dispensed framework utilizing the professional info during this Oracle Press consultant. Oracle Streams 11g info Replication explains the right way to arrange and administer a unified company facts sharing infrastructure.

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Oracle program show four Recipes offers an example-based method of studying program convey - the ground-breaking, fast program improvement platform integrated with each Oracle Database license. The recipes layout is perfect for the quick-study who simply desires an outstanding instance or to kick begin their considering and get pointed within the correct path.

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Top-down design) to limit the complexity of the requirements you must deal with at any given time If you use this approach, you will find that the executable sections of your modules are shorter and easier to understand, which makes your code easier to maintain and enhance over time. Local or nested modules play a key role in following this design principle. These are just a few of the important things to keep in mind before you start writing all that code. Just remember: in the world of software development, haste not only makes waste, it virtually guarantees a generous offering of bugs and lost weekends.

3 END; 4 / Hey look, Ma! PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. SQL> I generally put the SERVEROUTPUT command in my startup file (see the later section, "Loading your own custom environment automatically on startup"), causing it to be enabled until one of the following occurs: • You disconnect, log off, or otherwise end your session. • You explicitly set SERVEROUTPUT to OFF. • Oracle discards session state either at your request or because of a compilation error (see "Healing Invalids" in Chapter 20).

1. SQL*Plus The granddaddy of Oracle front ends, Oracle's SQL*Plus provides a command-line interpreter for both SQL and PL/SQL. That is, it accepts statements from the user, sends them off to the Oracle server, and displays the results. Often maligned for its primitive user interface, SQL*Plus is one of my favorite Oracle tools. I actually like the lack of fancy gizmos and complicated menus. Ironically, when I started using Oracle (circa 1986), this product's predecessor was boldly named UFIUser Friendly Interface.

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