Ovid's Fasti: Historical Readings at Its Bimillennium by Geraldine Herbert-Brown

By Geraldine Herbert-Brown

This ground-breaking e-book celebrates the bimillennial anniversary of the inception of Ovid's Fasti through supplying a number of ways to Ovid's poem at the Roman non secular calendar. the quantity doesn't target at consensus yet brings jointly specialists from around the globe with out permitting any unmarried prejudice to succeed.

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The temple kingdom gave them an aniconic symbol of the goddess, a meteoric stone, which they escorted on shipboard from the Asian coast to the seaport of Rome at Ostia. But once the ship arrived at Ostia Ovid's and Livy's narratives diverge. According to Livy the elite women of Rome collectively proceeded to Ostia to welcome the sacred symbol of the goddess; it was * See now the chapter on 'The Poet, the Plebs, aud the Chorus Girls' in Wiseman (1998). Cf. Miller (1991) 138; 'the word certa makes it clear that the obscene verses were traditional in a "fixed" form, like other religious formulae'.

First he honours the Veneralia by giving instructions (4. 135-8: 'dernite, lavanda est, reddite, danda est') for the AgrippiniUa, leader of a thiasus of over 400 recorded on a 2nd-cent. AD inscription south'of Rome. 998} i. ) 35 See, however, Forte (ii)84a). at> Since 'Aencadae' in Latin is the regular m. plural echoing the Greek patronymic, ^Aeneadas* ace- in 151 must come from Greek V^oeadejs'. W^ note again 'nums\ dciughiers-in-law, where Ovid could have distinguished ihc young brides as I0upta€\ He may have had in mind the foreign origin of Rome's first Sabine wives, hut since he cells the women 'descendants of Aeneas' it is more likely that lie thinks of the 'nurus' as under the authority of their dowager mothers-in-law.

Students of Augustan ideology are happy to refer to the lines about Augustus' Parthian triumph that close the Mars Ultor entry as an example of straightforward propaganda (5. 593): Parthe, refers acjuilas, victos quoque ponigis arcus! la If the Parthian in Ovid is the Parthian as seen in a refurbished, or brand new, Triumphal '"' See B&KRK 77. On the iconography ol" the kneeling Barbarian see the important study of Schneider (15)86). 28 Rich (1998) JQ9; cf. his reproductions of the coins at 99.

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