Pattern Formation at Interfaces (CISM International Centre by Pierre Colinet, Alexander Nepomnyashchy

By Pierre Colinet, Alexander Nepomnyashchy

The publication bargains with smooth equipment of nonlinear balance concept utilized to difficulties of continuing media mechanics within the presence of interfaces, with purposes to fabrics technological know-how, chemical engineering, warmth move applied sciences, in addition to in combustion and different reaction-diffusion structures. Interfaces play a dominant position at small scales, and their right modeling is as a result additionally an important within the speedily increasing fields of microfluidics and nanotechnologies. To this objective, the ebook combines contributions of eminent experts within the box, with a unique emphasis on rigorous and predictive ways. different ambitions of this quantity are to permit the reader to spot key difficulties of excessive clinical worth, and to work out the similarity among various possible varied actual difficulties.

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