Physics at LEAR with Low-Energy Cooled Antiprotons by G. Torelli (auth.), Ugo Gastaldi, Robert Klapisch (eds.)

By G. Torelli (auth.), Ugo Gastaldi, Robert Klapisch (eds.)

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L ' ~~ · . · ' . -!. ~ . 10 IJI .. I·. •• , . . 02 "! ~~ t ••• • • ¢. ........ . ~ • •• ! •.. • 0.. t·-·. t It 6,1, ,. ",'i. ,. '-6'1. _·· ..... 6 0r . nz .. (I .. ~~ .. SII:I 0- Fig. 9 - Momentum cooling (longitudinal density versus ~p/p) computed for LEAR • ,1(1 PHASE-SPACE COOLING TECHNIQUES 39 Fig. 10 - Momentum cooling in ICE. hottky signals after 0, 1, 2 and 4 min. The momentum spread is reduced from 3,5 10- 3 to 5 10-'+. ELECTRON COOLING General The set up (Figs. ----- \: - - - --- -- ........

Two successive projects. (C034, Dec. 80 and B093, March 82) have been approved by the CERN Directorate in order to face the large demand of experiments with low energy antiproton beams (16 approved experiments, see Table 1). A comparison with the preliminary project (Ref. 1) shows that the present one is considerably improved: 6 independent experimental areas (instead of 4) are on the floor, and the use of two splitter magnets make possible to run three experiments in parallel (instead of 2 in the first project with only 1 splitter magnet).

Report ISR/TH-78-1l (1978). D. Moh1, G. Petrucci, L. Thorndahl, S. van der Meer, Phys. Rep. 58, p. 75 (1980). T. E. Mills, Ann. Rev. Nucl. Part. Sci. 31, p. 295, (1981). D. MDhl, Possibilities and limits with cooling in LEAR, in Proc. CERN-KfK-Workshop on Physics with cooled low energy 'antiprotons (H. editor), KfK report 2836 (1979). 48 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. MOHL H. Haseroth. C. Hill. P. M~ller-Petersen. H. Poth. On the use of the ICE gun for electron cooling in LEAR. CERN Int. Report PS/DL/LEAR Note 80-7 (pp LEAR Note 83) (1980).

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