Plato's homeric dialogue: Homeric quotation, paraphrase, and by Patrick Gerald Lake

By Patrick Gerald Lake

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Although “The Pledge” is a modern text, it has changed over time. It was only in 1954, for example, under President Eisenhower passages that would seem at first sight to offer this as the most plausible explanation will on careful study be explained in a much more satisfactory manner. Further, as Clay (2003, 2) points out, such carelessness is in strict opposition to Plato’s character as a writer and, as I shall add, his actual, exceedingly accurate, habits of quotation. 44 Mitscherling 2005, 295.

Philosophic Lies in the Service of Truth Where philosophy comes into most bitter conflict with poetry is in attempting to set forth “the truth” about those things which cannot be known with any certainty, what I shall refer to as “religious truth,” the belief in a set of propositions about that which is unknowable, such as the nature of divinity, death, and so on, which are accepted on principle, not demonstrated fact. At Rep. , Cephalus frames well the mortal worries of an ordinary man. Nearing the end of his life, he wonders whether the poets’ stories about punishment in the Underworld are actually true: But you know, Socrates, that when someone thinks his end is near, he becomes frightened and concerned about things he didn’t fear before.

In this way, I will be able to analyze the extent to which Plato not 67 On this point, see especially Allusions 26-7 and Quotation 35. For a full discussion of the use of poetic proverbs in Plato, see Tarrant (1951) and Halliwell (2000). 69 To begin with, I will locate all of Plato’s citations of Homer in the Republic, categorizing them as quotations, allusions, or paraphrases. 71 In such cases, we will discuss all possible referents in detail. This will also be our procedure when a poetic citation from the Republic is repeated elsewhere in the Platonic corpus.

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