Population Genetics: Basic Principles by Professor Dr. Donald P. Doolittle (auth.)

By Professor Dr. Donald P. Doolittle (auth.)

I have for a few years taught a direction in inhabitants genetics for college students drawn to plant and animal breeding. the target of the path has been to put a starting place in inhabitants genetics for the techniques of quantitative genetics that are brought within the final 3rd of the direction. i have never been capable of finding a suitable textual content for this objective. For 1 / 4 of a century, Falconer's advent to Quantitative Genetics has been the traditional, and perfect, textual content in that topic. For my reasons, even though, this article isn't really sufficiently designated within the inhabitants genetics foundation for quantitative conception. a few stable texts in inhabitants genetics can be found, of which Li's First direction in inhabitants Genetics is didactically the simplest. yet those texts are directed towards the genetics of average populations, instead of family populations, breeding less than human keep watch over. in addition they are likely to deal with quantitative genetics gingerly, if in any respect. i've got for this reason constructed the current textual content from my educating notes. The chapters of this booklet are categorised "Lectures". every one is meant to correspond nearly to the quantity of fabric which might be coated in a 50-minute lecture. Divisions are, in fact, dictated by way of the common divisions of the subject material, and the lectures are hence no longer of uniform size. however, in as far as attainable, an try has been made to make the typical size a lecture's worth.

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However, Hulbert and Doolittle (1971), working with a sex linked gene affecting hair growth in mice, found that heterozygous females varied in phenotype. Some showed the dominant phenotype, while others approached the phenotype of the recessive homozygote, with the gamut of intermediate types being present. This was presumably due to variation in the proportion of cells in tissues directly affected by the mutation in which dominant or recessive alleles were active. Lecture 7 Exercise The trait rapid-feathering in domestic fowl is controlled by a pair of sex-linked alleles, K and k (Hutt, 1949).

For example, if two crossovers occur between a pair of loci, one negates the effects of the other, and no recombination occurs. c is 0, even though there have been two crossover events. A fuller discussion of the relationship between the recombination rate and the rate of crossing over is given by Crow and Kimura (1970). Linkage 47 Lecture 9 Exercises 1. The inbred mouse strain BALB/c is homozygous AAcc at the agouti and albino loci, respectively. Inbred strain C57BL/6 is homozygous aaCC. The agouti and albino loci are in different linkage groups.

When an X-bearing ovum unites with a sperm bearing an X, the offspring will be female, XX; but if the sperm carries a Y, the resulting XY zygote will form a male. Thus, the sperm determines the sex of the offspring. The X chromosome, being larger, carries some gene loci which do not occur on the Y. Such loci are said to be sex-linked. Females carry two copies of the genes at a sex-linked locus, and can be homozygous for any allele, or heterozygous for any pair of alleles, just as for any locus on an autosome (a chromosome other than X or Y).

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