Principle of Organic Medicine Chemistry by Nadendlan R. R.

By Nadendlan R. R.

Ideas of natural Medicinal Chemistry is worried with chemistry, synthesis, constitution task relationships, houses and makes use of of gear of carbon compounds. This publication has essentially been written with the purpose of assembly the desires and pursuits of undergraduate and graduate pharmacy direction in line with syllabi of assorted Indian Universities. The e-book is a concise shape masking all more moderen medicines may help the readers to a good quantity.

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The diradicals are responsible for cleavage of DNA. 10. Enzyme specific prodrug design. Cancer cells due to differing physiological conditions, enzyme groups such as glucuronidases, proteases receptors show activity in excess in cancer cells compared to normal cells. Several prodrugs have been developed taking advantage the excessive activity of the above enzymes in tumor tissues. Derivatives of doxorubicin and paclitaxel were prepared wherein active sites are blocked by strategically attaching suitable polypeptide to the drug but separated by spacer.

Hexobarbitone was found to be an effective drug but its membrane permeability was found to be low. However N-methylhexobarbitone a simple derivative of the parent drug was found to have better permeability characteristics. After intake, the N-methyl group is cleaved in the liver to release the physiologically active drug. CH3 O H N O NH O Barbituric acid O H N H3C O NCH3 O Hexobarbitone O N H3C O NCH3 O N-Methylhexobarbitone Similarly, membrane transportation characteristics of the neurotransmitter dopamine used for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease can be improved by administering its prodrug L3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (Levo-DOPA).

ETHYL CHLORIDE: Chemistry. Ethyl chloride is a chloro derivative of ethane. It is gas at normal conditions and is available in compressed form. Ethyl chloride is prepared from ethyl alcohol by passing dry hydrogen chloride into it. ZnCl 2 CH3—CH2 + HCl → CH3—CH2 + H2O   OH Cl Ethylalcohol Ethylchloride Properties l Ethyl chloride is a volatile liquid having a pleasant ethereal odour and burning taste l It is slightly soluble in water and also miscible with alcohol and ether Uses. Ethyl chloride is used as a general anesthetic administered by inhalation.

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