Pro Oracle SQL by Karen Morton, Kerry Osborne, Robyn Sands, Riyaj Shamsudeen,

By Karen Morton, Kerry Osborne, Robyn Sands, Riyaj Shamsudeen, Jared Still (auth.)

Pro Oracle SQL unlocks the facility of SQL within the Oracle Database—one of the main effective SQL implementations out there this present day. To grasp it calls for a three-pronged process: study the language good points, study the assisting positive factors that Oracle offers to assist use the language successfully, and learn how to imagine and paintings in sets.

Karen Morton and her staff assist you grasp strong features of Oracle SQL now not present in competing databases. you will research analytic services, the version clause, and complicated grouping syntax—features that may assist in growing stable queries for reporting and company intelligence functions. Pro Oracle SQL additionally is helping you reduce parsing overhead, learn execution plans, try for proper effects, and exert keep watch over over SQL execution on your database. you will examine whilst to create indexes, find out how to be sure that they make a distinction, the best way to use SQL Profiles to optimize SQL in packaged functions, and masses extra. you are going to additionally know how SQL is optimized for operating in units, and that the most important to getting exact effects lies in to ensure that queries ask transparent and designated questions.

what is the bottom-line? Pro Oracle SQL is helping you're employed at a very expert point in Oracle dialect of SQL. you will grasp the language, the instruments to paintings successfully with the language, and the best way to take into consideration an issue in SQL. Pro Oracle SQL is helping you upward push above the gang to supply stellar carrier on your selected profession.

  • Endorsed via the OakTable community, a bunch of Oracle technologists recognized for his or her rigorous and medical method of Oracle Database functionality
  • Comprehensive—goes past the language with a spotlight on what you want to be aware of to jot down profitable queries and knowledge manipulation statements.

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Inner join 3. Outer join In the example query in Listing 1-11, the FROM clause lists two tables: customers and orders. They are joined on the customer_id column. So, when this information is processed, the initial dataset that will be produced by the FROM clause will include rows where the customer_id matches in both tables. The result set will contain 105 rows at this point. To verify this is true, simply execute only the first four lines of the example query as shown in Listing 1-12. Listing 1-12.

The big value-add this statement provides is that you have a convenient way to combine multiple operations into one. This allows you to avoid issuing multiple INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements. And, as you’ll see later in the book, if you can avoid doing work you really don’t have to do, your response times will likely improve. 24 CHAPTER 1 CORE SQL The syntax for the MERGE statement is: MERGE INTO USING ON () WHEN MATCHED THEN DELETE WHEN NOT MATCHED THEN [LOG ERRORS ]; In order to demonstrate the use of the MERGE statement, Listing 1-20 shows how to create a test table and then appropriately insert or update rows into that table based on the MERGE conditions.

SQL> set autotrace traceonly statistics SQL> SQL> select * from employees where department_id = 60; 5 rows selected. 38 CHAPTER 2 ■ SQL EXECUTION Statistics ---------------------------------------------------------0 recursive calls 0 db block gets 4 consistent gets 2 physical reads 0 redo size 1386 bytes sent via SQL*Net to client 381 bytes received via SQL*Net from client 2 SQL*Net roundtrips to/from client 0 sorts (memory) 0 sorts (disk) 5 rows processed SQL> select * from employees where department_id = 60; 5 rows selected.

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