Protection of Buildings Against Explosions by E. Yandzio, M. Gough

By E. Yandzio, M. Gough

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Rhodes(19) found that the most common point of failure was inside reinforced concrete joints, where the concrete was reduced to rubble. Although collapse had not occurred, this damage was difficult or impossible to reinstate and part of the building had to be replaced. As noted above, these situations can be avoided if appropriate detailing is adopted in the original design. 20 P244 Protection of Buildings against Explosions Discuss me ... 6 EXPLOSIVES This Section describes how an explosion caused by a high explosive source occurs.

These parameters can be determined most readily from empirical relationships obtained from experimentation and are presented in numerous publications, including TM5-1300(12) and Explosion hazards and evaluation(20). The parameters 30 P244 Protection of Buildings against Explosions Discuss me ... 1 in Appendix B). g. the peak underpressure magnitude and underpressure duration), however these are not usually required for the simplistic dynamic response analyses. e. 5 m/kg1/3, a noticeable spread of results occurs, so the accuracy of predictions will be lower.

Use of this document is subject to the terms and conditions of the Steelbiz Licence Agreement Unlike the air burst, the reflected wave merges with the incident wave at the point of detonation to form a single wave, similar in nature to the Mach stem of the air burst. 4). 3. 4 An explosion caused by a surface burst [Courtesy of TPS Consult] In the majority of cases, terrorist activity has occurred in built-up areas of cities, where devices are placed on or very near the ground surface. Because of the closeness of tall and high-rise buildings, it is necessary to consider the impingement of surface bursts and blast-wave reflections (single or multiple) when determining blast loading acting on buildings.

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